Mironins Projects

The MIRONINS project will develop an augmented and interactive reality platform to create a new digital environment within the Joan Miró Foundation, where the ‘Mironins’, small drops of paint that live inside Joan Miró’s paintings, encourage children to discover the art world and develop their artistic abilities while having fun.


New cultural experience

Redesign the cultural experience of visiting a museum through transmedia storytelling, gamification and new technologies.

Improve the user experience

Develop a platform that offers augmented and interactive reality experiences.

Expected results

  • Development of content management systems(CMS) for augmented and interactive reality experiences.
  • Development of the binaural sound technology in the augmented and interactive reality applications mentioned above.
  • Development of modules based on artificial intelligence to be integrated into CMSs: analytics module, gesture recognition module, art recognition module and facial tracking module to customise the experience.
  • Research and development in new forms of transmedia storytelling (new script models, use of gamification, etc.) specifically designed for use in new augmented reality and interactive applications.
  • A redesigned experience for children visiting the museum space within the Joan Miró Foundation, with the long-term aim of transforming the public’s cultural experience of other museums and cultural entities.
  • Development of new tools that contribute to enhanced visitor learning within cultural spaces by exploiting the potential of transmedia storytelling, gamification and new technologies.
  • Development of new research tools and protocols to analyse the interaction (quantity and quality) between the user and museum collections.
  • Creation of across cutting dialogue between the worlds of entertainment, culture and technology.

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