About the RIS3CAT Media Community

What is it?

The RIS3CAT Media Community is a group of companies and actors working to implement a sectoral R&D&I action plan for the cultural and experience-based industries.

The Community, which comprises companies and entities from the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and the Catalan Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) system, began working together in 2015.

In late 2019, the Community received accreditation and co-financing from the Catalan Trade and Investment Agency (Acció) to implement its 2020 – 2023 action plan.

The deployment of the Community’s Action Plan provides a unique opportunity to promote R&D&I activities within the CCIs.

The Community’s activities aim to position Catalonia as an international benchmark for developing strategies to promote innovation based on the intersection between science, technology, creativity and society.

Challenges and opportunities

To respond to these challenges, the Community’s Action Plan has been articulated around two major strategic areas of intervention with the following goals:

Promote research and innovation in the CCIs

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in the production and distribution of cultural and creative content.
  • Develop new creative formats (experiences, learning, business communication, etc.).
  • Advance in the search for new ways to understand and interact with users.

Promote economic, social and cultural development

  • Enhance the competitiveness of the CCIs by promoting R&D&I through these activities.
  • Promote creativity as a tool for innovation in other sectors by strengthening the role of the creative services in the economy and society.