NanoMOOCs Project

The nanoMOOCs project will incorporate gamification tools and content customisation in a single online learning platform based on open programming to encourage students to follow a learning itinerary and facilitate the automated assessment of their skills.

Image processing technologies will also be integrated to detect participants’ emotions, as well as blockchain to certify the achievement of each course’s competencies.


New format for courses

Define and develop the nanoMOOCs, a new audiovisual format for online learning.

Improve the user experience

Validate the new format with real users in four areas of application.


Facilitate its transfer and marketing from the audiovisual sector to other sectors (tourism, health/nutrition, education and small business management).

Expected results

  • Standardisation of a new audiovisual training format as an inter-sectoral communication tool incorporating emotion-based analytics, blockchain certification and adaptable high-quality audiovisual content.
  • Specific content validated in four sectors: tourism, health/nutrition, education and small business management.
  • Development of operating models.

Participating companies and entities:

Lead company/entity:

Universitat Pompeu Fabra


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