New advertising language

Create a new cinematic language that considers the specificities of immersive screens and reconciles them with traditional narrative techniques.

Multi-platform immersive content

Extend the production process to create immersive content for a multi-platform environment.

Maximise quality

Improve the quality of the user experience across all devices, within the technical limitations of existing products and facilities, to create an optimal immersive experience.


Enhance the impact of the ViVIM project within the content creator, distributor and consumer ecosystem.

Expected results

  • Development of a suite of media playback software programmes that allow users to experience omnidirectional video-based content and computer graphics through virtual reality devices, tablets, and traditional television.
  • A professional production process that facilitates intuitive, efficient and quick multi-platform content creation.
  • Examples of live and on-demand content demonstrating the experience in a typical consumer environment, both in a public space (e.g., a museum) and in a home setting (e.g. from the sofa at home).

Participating companies and entities:

Lead company/entity:



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