The IDENTI@RT project will develop a distributed and decentralised platform that will allow artists, creators and designers to record their work in digital format, guaranteeing its originality, integrity and their rights securely and effectively while maintaining a record of the transactions associated with it.

The platform will provide a neutral database for the copyright management of creative work, making it possible to co-create, exhibit, market, license, and distribute the work to potential clients through a new channel that opens up a revolutionary, disruptive virtual market using blockchain and the new approaches of Distributed Ledger Technologies.


Creator verification

Develop a creator identity verification platform that uses intelligent contracts managed by DLT to guarantee originality and safeguard the ownership of creative works.

Improve the user experience

Create a secure and reliable environment that provides new standards in terms of the ownership, transaction and valuation of digital works to achieve improved scalability and growth in the sector.

Expected results

  • Creation of methods and technologies for managing the value of creative digital assets.
  • Online platform for the registration and purchase/sale of creative digital works through Distributed Ledger Technologies and Smart Contracts.
  • Development of specific use cases within the platform for digital painting, industrial design and reproductions of music and written music.
  • Publication of at least two patents resulting from the research carried out within the project on techniques for defining uniqueness in creative works, network distributed registration systems and self-preserving objects for preserving value within the Internet of Value.
  • Formation of a company for the future marketing of the developed platform.

Participating companies and entities:

Lead company/entity:



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