Engagement Project

The Engagement project will develop technologies that encourage the public to interact with the content exhibited in museums. These technologies will then be further enriched by analysing the data generated by their visits to offer new interpretations and experiences.

The project opens the door to the notion of an expanded museum, understood as a strategy based on individualising and personifying the visitor’s experience, multiplying the stories and going beyond the spatial and temporal limits of the museum by placing an ecosystem of digital content at the visitor’s disposal.


Customise the visitor experience

Generate new mechanisms, instruments and devices to customise the visitor’s museum experience according to their interests, tastes, traditions or cultural background.

New management model

Create a management model that can then be applied to other museums to prevent departmental segmentation through an enhanced understanding of the users.

Expected results

  • Improved cultural offer and experience for the museum-visiting public.
  • Increased visitor diversification, influx and loyalty.
  • Creation of a new and improved visit model that can be exported to other museums and exhibition centres.
  • Enhanced understanding of the visitor experience in order to increase customisation within their digital environments.
  • Definition of an internal operating protocol to ensure the public’s interaction and the analysis of their digital traces leads to improved content creation processes and decision-making in museums.
  • Increased activity and income for the entities using the model.
  • Increased economic activity for businesses supplying new creative formats and technical services, with employment derived from the progressive application of the model.
  • Use of the data collected to propose a new Engagement-focused organisational process model that can be applied to other museums and cultural centres.

Participating companies and entities:

Lead company/entity:

Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Privacy Preference Center